Friday, 28 August 2015

Up and down Weld Having A 7018 Fishing rod

Never angle the arc toward you while welding.

Vertical welding is the channels of welding an entity or fix of objects at an incline Identical to or less than 45 degrees. Because vertical welding is augmented laborious than Apartment lodgings or horizontal welding, the end of the good rod and Correct means is vital. The 7018 rod is a low-hydrogen, low-penetration rod that works chipper in all positions, including vertical placement. Before you dawn welding with a 7018 rod, familiarize yourself with the vertical welding process.

Touch the tip of the welding rod to the steel. Move the welding rod along the surface of the steel that needs welding, while keeping the welding rod positioned at an angle.

Let the steel dry before welding.

2. Wear a welding mask and welding gloves for protection.

3. Insert a 7018 rod into an arc welder with alternating current (AC) output. Adjust the welder to the highest amp setting per the manufacturer's instructions. A 7018 welding rod works best with high electrical output.

4. Hold the arc welder so the welding rod is horizontal. Aim the tip of the welding rod at the spot on the metal you want to weld. Angle the arc welder away from the steel so the welding rod is between 1 and 45 degrees.



1. Rub the steel with steel wool to remove any rust. Wipe it clean with a clean cloth dampened with warm water and mild detergent.