Friday, 14 August 2015

Switch The Seatbelt Retractor On The 2000 Chevrolet

Alternate the Seat Sash Retractor on a 2000 Chevy

Seat belts tend to twist when they retract rapidly, thus causing the cummerbund to retract alone partially. Provided the twist happens to assemble it into the retractor, it may be remodelled arduous, whether not impossible, for the seat girth to extend. The champion path to prevent this from current is to unlock the seat sash and aid it back into the retracted position. There are problems with seat belts retractors locking up due to broken parts caused by repeated avail. Analysis the band for any bright instigation for binding prior to replacement.


1.3. Remove the anchor bolt from the bracket located directly below the retractor. This component also uses a hex-head bolt to secure it to the body of the car.

Remove the sash belt support, which is mounted even with the top of the seat, on the B-pillar. This is the same pillar from which the base anchor bolt was removed. The sash belt support is secured with the same type of hex-head bolt.

Remove the hex-head anchor bolt on the extremity antipodean to the retractor, using the apt hex-head socket. The anchor bolt is located at the mannequin of the B-pillar, which can be establish behind the driver's door.2.

4. Disconnect the electrical connector from the belt retractor. Assemble the new retractor and belt in reverse order of the removal process.