Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Harley Speedometer Repair

Replacing a broken speedometer is a detailed, on the contrary de rigueur, development.

The Harley-Davidson motorcycle was born in 1901 when 21-year-old William S. Harley drew up the blueprint for the aboriginal bike. Two oldness succeeding, he was manufacturing motorcycles, and by 1904, the fundamental Harley dealership opened in Chicago. Over 100 age following, human beings are much riding Harleys. Correct concervation is essential to control your bike in beneficial working classification. A speedometer dilemma is not onliest inconvenient, on the contrary represents safety and legal risks provided you can't command the precipitation at which you're riding.


5. Determine whether the speedometer dial and gears show signs of wear, tear or damage. Move the gears by hand to determine if they move easily. If not, or if there is visible damage, replace with a new speedometer. If not, lubricate the gears and hand-test them to see if they turn now that the lubricant is added.6. Install the new speedometer in the reverse order you removed it.

3. Apply cable grease to each cable's square end. Thread the cable underneath the speedometer and, using pliers, secure it to the speedometer's fitting until it is tight. Replace the cable guides.

4. Separate the cable from underneath the speedometer. Loosen the handlebar nuts holding down the speedometer camp and detach the speedometer. Unscrew the back of the speedometer.

1. Place the front revolve hub and jewel where it connects to the speedometer cable. Separate the cable from the wheel hub with a wrench and slide the cable out of the hub.2. Locate the fitting linking the speedometer and the speedometer cable. Loosen it with a pair of pliers. Remove the cable and the cable guides on the bike's front forks.

Tighten down the clamp. Reconnect the cable running from the speedometer to the wheel hub assembly.