Friday, 14 August 2015

Trobleshoot and fix The Exhaust System Within An Acura Integra

Your Acura Integra is creation a facetious bang and has a unusual odour so you require to return a Stare at the machine yourself before fascinating it in to the shop. Instead of spending banknote on repairs, you can troubleshoot the Acura Integra yourself.


1. Contemplation for trapped moisture in the muffler. Letter provided the trapped moisten has caused any corrosion which can produce the muffler to rot and fall off. You may duty to alter the muffler.

2. Scrutinize the exhaust manifold, which is under the hood, for small leaks. Your leaks Testament equitable pay for larger over age so it's boon to search for them while troubleshooting instead of waiting for a more advantageous issue. Research the manifold for cracks whether you annex a subsequent pattern as the casting is thinner than in the newer models. Also check for leaks around the manifest joints. You may hear gas escaping or the joint may be off color.5. Examine for muffler holes and any broken pieces of the exhaust.

This is indicative of a catalytic converter malfunction, a leaking fuel injector or maybe simply a hole in your exhaust.

4. Look for burnt spark plugs to denote there is a leak in the exhaust. You want to make sure that carbon monoxide and gasses don't leak into the car.3. Listen for any strange sounds coming from the exhaust. You may hear odd noises like a hiss or a pop coming from the car when you turn it on.

Check all joints and areas in the exhaust that bend.

6. See if you have smoke coming out of the tail pipe. You may need to replace a head gasket if you have white smoke or an o ring or gasket if you see blue smoke. You may have too much fuel in your cylinder if you see black smoke.

7. Check for a bad smell if your car won't run as quickly as usual. You may need to adjust your carburetor or replace your fuel pump, fuel injector or computer sensor.

8. Stare at your engine oil to see if it is thick, chunky or smelly. The oil may be contaminated with fuel, water or antifreeze and needs to be changed.