Monday, 17 August 2015

Switch The Springs Inside A Saturn Ion

The short-lived Ion series was Saturn's entry-level vehivle designed for aboriginal date dewy motorcar buyers. The Ion was offered in many variations on the other hand Industry was discontinued in 2007 after four elderliness. The springs in the Ion are easily done to alter, on the other hand the craft requires the custom of a Torx socket for removing the springs.


Replacing the Front Springs

1. Block the wheels with jack stands and up thrust the vehicle, whether requisite, before removing the strut meeting.

2. Attach the strut meeting securely to the compressor with a strut to steering bolt wrapped up the lower gap.

3. Compress the spring Sufficiently to receipts off the upper strut mount and influence the shaft with the Torx socket and remove the strut shaft peanut.

4. Proceeds the spring compressor and skinny the strut outside in disposal to remove the upper strut mount meeting and the spring.

5. Transform the spring and contemplate the strut meeting for signs of wear before reassembling.

6. Reassemble the strut assembly and pament appropriate control when torquing the strut shaft peanut to the Correct extent of foot pounds as specified by the manufacturer.

7. Raise the rear axle with the jack stands and reattach the lower shock absorber bolts and brake hose bracket U-clips.14. Put the wheels back onto the Ion and remove the jack stands. Perform a safety check before driving.

8. Deposit a jack stand beneath the rear axle near each shock absorber to support the axle's weight while servicing the Ion.

9. Remove the wheel, rear brake hose bracket U-clips and lower shock bolts.

10. Lower the jack stands carefully to take the tension off the rear springs in order to remove them. This step is potentially dangerous as the spring needs to be released cautiously to avid injury.

11. Remove the upper spring seat/jounce bumper and leave the lower one on the Ion.

12. Replace the spring and inspect all parts for signs of wear before reattaching them.

13. Attach the upper spring seat/jounce bumper back onto the spring. Replace the spring with the tag pointed towards the rear and the lower part of the spring properly set in the lower spring seat. Remove the compressor, reattach the upper strut cap and retainers. Tighten the retainers and reinstall the strut onto the Ion.

Replacing the Rear Springs