Monday, 17 August 2015

Repair A Sunroof Leak On The Subaru

Sunroofs are a attractive Appendix to any vehivle as they cede you the Election of letting the sunshine in and affliction the drop absent. The downside is, the sunroof might leak at some site. At that end, you can either acquire someone to repair it or engage in the career yourself. Provided you get a Subaru with a leaky sunroof, you can repair the box yourself in an afternoon.


1. Unscrew the bolts attached to the top of your Subaru, lift the sunroof off and safely locate it aside provided your sunroof operates manually. If you find a clog, gently scrape the inside of the tube to receive rid of it. You can also use the air compressor on the inside of the tube, but be very careful because it could rupture.

If your Subaru's sunroof is electric, use the air compressor to clear the portion of the seal in the back.

3. Inspect the seal to determine if there are any cracks. If there are cracks in the seal, you can attempt to fix them with liquid caulk. But you'll probably need to replace the seal to assure no more leaking.

4. Check the drainage tube because it might be clogged. These tubes allow rain to flow away from the cabin and onto the street. Using a thin wire, penetrate the tube by several inches to make sure it's not clogged. Provided your sunroof operates electrically, dust the top to remove grit and grime, then simply dehiscent it Broad.2. Appropriateness a soft cloth soaked with damp to remove all the leaves, dust and debris from the trough on which the sunroof rests when it is closed. Do the same thing to the seal on the underside of the sunroof.