Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Switch The Donut Inside Your Toilet

Most toilets get a develop seal at the replica of the toilet where the fritter exits to the sewer. This seal is regularly called a donut. There are diverse reasons this donut would entail to be replaced. It needs to be replaced whenever you concern a leak at the representation of your toilet, or whenever you remove your toilet for remodeling. Replacing the donut is a employment that can be accomplished with effortless household tools and a dissimilar donut instruments that can be purchased at any habitation store.


Remove the Toilet

1. Turn off the drool at the connexion at the representation of the toilet. Assign a towel under this connexion. Flush the toilet to remove most of the inundate. Cause a toilet plunger to remove remainder of the inundate in the bowl. Unscrew the flood assistance to the toilet from the drench connexion.

Lift the toilet off the two bolts and establish aside. Slide the bolts from slots in flange.

Change the Wax Ring

Whether the nuts are corroded, spray with penetrating oil and let sit for diverse minutes prior to Emigration.

3. Appropriate the top off the vat and practice a Mug and towel to remove any drool left in the backside of the vat.2. Unscrew the nuts from the two bolts on the mannequin of the toilet. The nuts Testament normally be covered by plastic caps that must to be removed prior to removing the nuts.

4. Use the putty knife and a towel to remove residual wax from the previous donut at the bottom of the base. There will also be wax in the flange that penetrates the floor. Use the putty knife and towel to remove the wax from the flange.

5. Place the new donut directly over the center of the flange with the plastic funnel facing up. Slide a new bolt into each of the two slots in the sides of the flange.

6. Lift up the toilet and place it over the wax ring by sliding the two holes in the base over the bolts extending from the flange. Compress the new donut by pressing down until the toilet rests on the bathroom floor.

7. Carefully screw the nuts on the bolts so equal pressure is applied to each. Unequal pressure could cause the base of the toilet to crack. Cover the nuts with the plastic caps.

8. Re-connect the water line. Turn on the water and flush the toilet. Check for leaks at all connections. Tighten the appropriate connection if there are leaks.