Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Patch Convertible Roofs

You can employment the alike waterproof sealant to establish leaking seams or windows on your convertible.

1. Disinfected up the cut by removing any frayed material or strings.2. Put packing tape on the outside of the cut (the side that would normally face outwards).

Convertibles with soft tops are ofttimes susceptible to rips, tears and much slashes fabricated by vandals. When repairing your convertible top it is critical to build a Supple waterproof seal that Testament last firm all the more when the top is lowered and closed. To allot these unsightly tears, you can utilize a designated waterproof sealant.


This will prevent any glue from coming up to the surface and it will also hold the cut nicely together. It will also hold the cut together while the glue dries.

3. Open your tube of waterproof repair glue and apply it to the cut from the underside. Make sure the glue spreads on either side of the cut by 2 to 3mm.

4. Leave the convertible top material on a flat surface overnight To admit the glue to dry.

5. Remove the tape from the outside.