Monday, 31 August 2015

Replace A Bmw Fog Light Lens

Replacing a fog lantern is manageable and asap.

Having a cracked or nonworking fog headlight is annoying and unsightly. It's not difficult to exchange this object. The replacement can be done in approximately 15 minutes, much provided you don't recognize even approximately autos.

3. Promptly you can access the fog light. There are two bolts on the inside corners of the fog headlamp; employ a socket wrench or regular wrench to loosen and remove the bolts. Pull the inside corner out toward you.

To receive to the light, you must front pop elsewhere the grille coterminous to it. There are two pins that you must pull down with either your fingers or pliers. Remove the pins and lay them in a guarded accommodation.

Pop absent the grille by shaking gently back and forth.


1. Gem the fog lantern in the front fender corner.2.

4. Take the fog lamp out of the fender until you see a connector with wires coming out of it. Disconnect the fog lamp at the connector and remove it completely from the car.

5. Now take your new fog lamp out of the box. Examine it to see whether it's broken. Connect the new fog lamp's connector to the wire connector on your car.

6. Push the fog lamp into the fender.

7. Tighten the bolts with your socket wrench or regular wrench.

8. Now turn on the car's fog lamps to see whether they work. If they don't, Stare at the wire connection to see if it's loose and at the fog lamp itself to make sure the bulb isn't broken.

9. Replace the grille. Push the two pins back up into the car with your hands.

You're all done.