Friday, 21 August 2015

Restore Auto License Plates

Licence plate colours vary by governance.

Licence plates are an integral constituent of van legend and can be the expert benefaction for plate collectors or owners of classic cars. The early governance in the USA to inquiry a licence plate was Massachusetts in Jun of 1903. The plate is numbered "1" and the family of the first owner keeps the registration active. States model their own licence plates and they occasionally copper the chart manufacture proof a must to clinch the authenticity of your restoration.


1. Analysis tags of the same year as your car to discover what is authentic. Make note of the colors and any markings.

2. Visit car shows and flea markets to buy an old license plate.

3. Follow the instructions on your paint stripper to remove paint and rust from the plate.5. Apply etching primer to the plate following the manufacturer's directions. The primer will bond with the metal allowing the plate to retain paint.6.

Use steel wool gently to remove any remaining rust.4. Use pliers to straighten any bends along the edge of the plate and remove any warping by bending the plate with your hands. Gently hammer the plate to remove creases but lay a towel over the plate first to prevent leaving hammer marks.

Apply spray paint using several coats to cover the entire tag. Allow the paint to dry between coats. Paint the numbers and any details by hand using a small brush keeping the original colors of the plate's paint.