Monday, 24 August 2015

How Obvious My California License Plate Number

Collectors of old automobiles eat up having all parts of the automobile as near to the aboriginal configuration as imaginable. California is one of a amount of states that allows owners of antiques to bag licence tags from the year the motorcar was manufactured. Whether your machine is from model year 1969 or earlier, or your pickup is from imitation year 1972 or earlier, it qualifies. Prepare yourself to deal with crimson tape.

Finding Plates for Your Antique Car

Bargain and exercise plates to match the base year (year of representation, or YOM) of your old vehicle. Provided you hold a 1952 Dodge manufactured in 1951, you demand the 1951 plates with a 1952 tab. When in question approximately the design year, remit to the year on the motorcar's honour.

You Testament compulsion a duo of gray-haired licence plates with the corresponding quantity. Having two licence plates contrary numbers is not allowed. Attending for enfeebled plates from licence plate collectors, at swap meets, garage sales, or on online auctions. There might much be a unusual available from the California Branch of Motor Vehicles.

Clearing Tags

The number on the license plates needs to be available for current use. That means it cannot be currently in use on any other vehicle in the state, and it is free to be used again.When you have a pair of "clear" tags from the correct model year, go to your local DMV with the following items: The current license plates for your antique car, Form 352 filled out (see Resources section for the form), $45 for the registration fee and a copy of your current registration. You will get a temporary license, and in three weeks or so you will be mailed your new registration and tags for your antique plates to go on your antique car.

You might prefer to call directly to Sacramento to talk to the Special Processing office, which deals with this question more often. The phone number is (916) 657-7606 or (916) 657-7654, during state business hours.

If your license plates are not clear you have a couple of choices, keep them for a while, and they might become clear in a year or more. Look for other plates through one of the sources.


Contact your local DMV office to find out whether the number is currently free or "clear" for use. This is not a common request for a native office, and they might have to find the manual to look up do this. If the office finds no record of the number, it is clear.