Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Rough Polish Stainless

Stainless steel is a combine of steel and chromium that creates a rust evaluation surface. Rugged polishing is the anterior action in the reconditioning of stainless steel. Metal artists, boat owners and vehivle enthusiasts prefer a smooth polish Stop on stainless steel piping, tubes and parts. To make a mirror Stop on stainless steel there are a numeral of contrasting cleaning stages. Some areas may require additional rough sanding.6. Finish the rough polish process with 240 grade sandpaper.

1. Start by clearing the universe of items that could be damaged by steel dust and levy on safety Accoutrement. Safety goggles and gloves protect the eyes and skin from steel dust. Steel dust can account contemplative eye injuries.

2. Sand the surface of the stainless steel with 80 grit sandpaper attached to a fist held rotating sanding personal computer. The unit on the back of the sandpaper indicates the intensity of Everyone paper grade. The lower the figure the rougher the surface of the sandpaper.

3. Clean the surface of the stainless steel with a soft damp cloth in between sanding grades to remove surface steel dust. Provided the dust is not removed it Testament clean be pushed into the metal in the following sanding and may basis scratching. Be certain the surface is dry before proceeding.

4. Benefit 100 or 120 grit paper to sand the stainless steel to a smoother surface. Sand the surface evenly before proceeding to an even finer grade.

5. Sand the stainless steel with 180 grade sandpaper. Be sure to sand the entire surface and check for pits or deep scratches. Rugged polish is the initial page of the cleaning and buffing of the metal. The grounds of the Rugged polish leaf is to turn the unfinished stainless steels surface into a finely sanded canvas for soft polishing.


7. Consider sanding the stainless steel with 300 or 400 grade sandpaper. This would depend on the final application of the stainless steel. The bottom of a boat may require less refinement than the hardware on a vintage motorcycle.