Thursday, 27 August 2015

Trobleshoot and fix A 1994 Jeep Cherokee Fuel System

Troubleshoot a 1994 Jeep Cherokee Fuel Operation

The fuel transaction on the 1994 Jeep Cherokee includes the fuel cistern, fuel pump, air cleaner and fuel-injection step. The fuel pump is powered by an electric Engine inside the fuel tank. Emission-control devices such as the "Fuel Evaporative Control System" also play a role in the fuel system on the Cherokee. Some differences exist between the California models and the so-called "49 State Models."


The Engine Turns Over But Won't Start

1. Check the fuel tank vent, fuel filter and fuel lines for clogging if you believe gasoline may not be reaching the injectors.

2. Check the fuel filter to see if it operating properly. Tap the top of the fuel tank where the pump is located, as this can get a jammed pump running long enough to get to a repair shop.

3. Make sure you have fuel and that the fuel does not have water in it.

Engine is Hard to Start or Does Not Stay Running

4. Check the fuel filter, fuel lines and tank vent for clogging, as it may be that not enough fuel is reaching the injectors to keep the engine running.

5. Check for a vapor lock, clogged fuel lines, vent and filter if the engine is warm but won't restart.

6. Check the fuel pump for defects and make sure you have enough fuel.

Engine Runs Erratically or Idles Too High

Check the fuel pump's operation if the engine surges.14. Check for fuel leaks at the tank, fuel lines and injectors if you smell gasoline. Also, vapors may be leaking from the emissions control system.

Check to see if the injectors are clogged.

9. Check the idle speed to see if it is improperly adjusted.

Other Fuel Issues

10. Check the throttle linkage to see if it is stuck or not adjusted properly if the engine is idling too high.

11. Check for blockages in the vent, filter and lines if the engine misses or hesitates while you drive.

12. Check the idle speed and see if the fuel filter is clogged or has water in it if the engine stalls.

13.7. Check the tank vent, fuel filter and lines for blockages, as it may be that the fuel pump is not sending enough fuel to the injectors.8.