Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Switch The Window Motor Of The Gmc Yukon Xl

GMC Yukon XL

The GMC Yukon XL is manufactured with notebook or electric powered window regulators, which are pivoting arms that stand and lower a pane of glass into the door for ventilation. The electric motors can wear elsewhere, leaving the window inoperative. The sample backyard mechanic can modify the window Engine of a Yukon in approximately half an time.


1. Disconnect the battery by unbolting the cold terminal connector, and evaluation the fuse panel for blown fuses. This mild fuse proof is much overlooked.

2. Remove the door panel by turning the screws in the backside of the arm rest and door handle in a counterclockwise direction, then pulling firmly on the panel to chargeless it from the pop rivets. The plastic pop rivets occupancy the door panel to the metal door frame, and are secured one by the screws.

Replace the door panel by pressing it into the pop rivets, then turning the screws in the armrest in a clockwise direction. Fasten the screw into the interior door handle in the same fashion.6.

Moderate the window Engine by positioning it into the gears, then securing the top bolt by turning it in a clockwise direction. Secure the remaining bolts, then plug it into the wiring harness with the adapter plug.

5.3. Remove the window Engine by disconnecting it from the wiring harness at the adapter plug, then turning its mounting bolts in a counterclockwise line. The Engine can be pulled elsewhere from the gears and removed.4.

Connect the battery and test the window.