Thursday, 27 August 2015

Install Coil Spring Spacers

Used to hoist the thing of an off-road vehicle, coil spring spacers are a extreme course to advance a couple inches of altitude without replacing the springs. Though most citizens who shop for coil springs spacers annex probably already installed some Category of lift equipment, many custom spring spacers as a pleasant tuning effects to augment the tools's inventory drive heighth. This gives all the more those who shop for constant heighth kits to adjust for the Correct immensity of clearance without having to pay for inexperienced springs.


Install Coil Spring Spacers

1.9. Unscrew the castle nut from the sway bar end link.10.

Determine not domicile jack on axle, thanks to the suspension needs to swing at liberty.

3. Corner jack-stands under the frame to collar it and lower vehicle onto them onto them. You Testament charge the jack to up thrust the axle when you put everything back together.

4. Place jack under the axle and raise it until it's bearing some weight. This will prevent damage to suspension components when the axle is hanging free.

5. Remove tire.

6. Make sure the axle is firmly supported by the jack, as damage may occur to other components if it slips.

7. Unbolt the shock absorbers from the axle. Some find it more convenient to unbolt the shocks from the frame, but generally it's best To possess them hanging out of the way under the vehicle.

8. Remove the cotter pin from the sway bar nut, if so equipped.

Loosen the trundle's lug nuts while vehicle is much on ground. Whether using a floor jack, by oneself loosen one rotate at a continuance. Loosening the lug nuts on all wheels can author damage to the studs on the differing side when the vehicle tilts gone from the jack.2. Hoist vehicle with either a big floor jack or frame lift. Arrange decided to promote the mill lift pads to avoid bad components or lines.

Use ball-joint separation tool and hammer to remove the sway bar link, if required. Generally, the link will come off with the tap of a hammer.

11. Use spring compressor to secure spring before loosening any components. Make sure the spring compressor is secure on the coils, or severe injury may result. You may have to unbolt the coil spring retainers from one or both sides of the coil spring before compression, depending on the make and model.

12. Lower axle as far as it will go without falling off the jack.

13. Insert coil spacer on top of spring.

14. Raise the jack very gently until coil spring/spacer assembly contacts both axle and frame in proper location. If you need to hold the spacer in place while mounting, grasp it around the sides, and never near the top. This will greatly reduce the risk of injury of the compressor fails during installation.

15. Re-attach coil spring retainers once you are able to do so. Make sure the axle is bearing the weight of the frame.

16. Reassemble everything in the reverse order of disassembly, and repeat procedure on other side.