Friday, 7 August 2015

Issues With The Ford Contour

Problems with the Ford Contour

A van that fell in between compact and midsize, the Borderline was Ford's fundamental bid to assemble a motorcar that can be sold across the cosmos with duck egg nevertheless toddler changes from region to region. Below are the problems associated with the vehicle during its Industry drop, 1995 to 2000.


Defects public to the 1995 Line consist of slipping coerce sash, engine misfire, improper inflation of the passenger side air bag, defective steering, transmission fluid leaks and transmission racket, brittle front safety cummerbund outboard anchor tabs, and damaged throttle cable for traction ascendancy. Moreover to the 1995 design, Dainty floor shift automatic transmission controls exercise to 1996, 1997 and 1998 extremely.

What is more, the Border had positive aftermarket parts---hydraulic proficient cylinders and ball Seam assemblies---that needed to be recalled. Engine overheating and heater cores leaks are recurring problems in all Contours.


Also, some 1997 Contours might have issues with the temperature gauge sending unit.


The failure of the anti-lock brake system (ABS) is unique to the 1998 edition.

The 1996 entry has virtually all the problems of its immediate predecessor. However, a few vehicles from this year can develop overheating of the terminals at the headlight switch and wiring harness connector.


Failure of the variable camshaft timing actuator and sprocket, also as the water pump, plagued the Contour from this model year onward.

A few vehicles might need the front coil springs inspected for corrosion, as they could fracture and lead to tire deflation. Some post-1998 Contours might need their fuel tank filler pipe grommets checked for damage during bi-fuel system installation.


There are significantly less problems with the 1999 Contour than with previous models. However, it is not spared from issues that plague virtually all model years, most particularly engine-related defects.


The last Contour entry was built with an incorrect power brake booster and master cylinder assembly, which adversely reduces brake performance. The seat belt assemblies in some vehicles were not properly heat-treated, thus leading to possible inadequate restraining in the event of an accident.