Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Check A Stabilizer Bar On The Dodge Truck

The stabilizer bars on Dodge trucks are designed to play down the roll encountered during turns and to benefit direct the tires firmly planted on the sidewalk. Minimizing the roll also reduces oversteer in the vehicle. The bigness or breadth of a stabilizer determines the dimensions of resistence to roll, on the other hand extremely item the oversteer and understeer of the vehicle. Caution must be taken whether replacing an existing stabilizer with a stabilizer of discrepant vastness, as it Testament appulse the handling of the vehicle. A stabilizer is shaped affection a squared-off C. It is attached to the frame between the tires and connected at the ends to the front lower curb arm or to the rear axle with the handle of stabilizer links. It is the twisting action of the stabilizer that keeps the truck from rolling.

Inspect the front stabilizer by checking the two bushings and clamps holding the stabilizer to the frame. The bushings are located in the middle of the stabilizer on the frame near the radiator.2.


1. Raise and support the vehicle on jack stands.

Inspect the stabilizer links attaching the stabilizer to the lower control arm. The stabilizer has a hole in each end. The links are long, 8- to 10-inch bolts that pass through the hole in the stabilizer. They have two bushings with two more bushings at the lower control arm separated by a metal sleeve over the bolt. There is a nut on the bottom of the bolts located under the lower control arm.

3. Make sure that the links are still in place with the bushings and in good condition. If the rubber bushings are loose, dry-rotted or worn to the point that light can be seen between the bushings and the stabilizer, they should be replaced.