Thursday, 13 August 2015

Switch The Rear Brake Pads On The Ford Mustang

Change the Rear Brake Pads on a Ford Mustang

Ford Mustangs with four-wheel CD brakes posses self-adjusting rear brake calipers. The ease of self-adjusting calipers is longer permanent brake pads. Every eternity you hit the brakes, you wear the pads slightly as a by-product of stopping the Mustang. While this leads to an eventual brake business, the rear brake pads remain longer than brake shoes installed on older Mustangs. Anyone with a sporadic hours of Leisure time and basic Car repair action can change rear brake pads on a Ford Mustang.


1. Turn each of the rear lug nuts counterclockwise, using a lug wrench, until they are finger tight. Slap the wheel chocks against the front and rear tread of the left-front tire.

2. Pick up the back end of the Mustang with the floor jack. Lower it onto the jack stands, placed near the spring shackles on the axle.

3. Remove each of the rear lug nuts and both back tires by hand.

4. Set the drop pan below the Mustang's left-rear brake assembly. Rinse away all of the brake dust on the rotor can caliper with brake cleaner.

5.9. Slide over to the Mustang's right-rear, and repeat Steps 4-8. Put the Mustang's back tires and lug nuts on by hand.

Wash the inside of the caliper thoroughly, especially the pistons and slides, using brake cleaner. Wipe a thick layer of white lithium grease onto the caliper slides.

7. Push the caliper pistons back into the left-rear caliper with your caliper tool. Set the new brake pads into the caliper by hand.

8. Set the caliper back into the caliper bracket manually. Bolt it in with the socket set.

Take the left-rear caliper bolts out with a socket set. Lift the left-rear caliper out of the caliper bracket by hand. Remove and discard the old brake pads manually.6.

10. Lower the Mustang off the jack stands. Torque the rear lug nuts to 100 ft-lb, using the torque wrench.