Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Dodge Neon Vehicle Horn Installation

Dodge Neon Machine Horn Installation

Extensive the machine hood to the engine compartment. The horn is on the passenger side of the compartment in between the headlight and the windscreen fluid reservoir.2. Remove the radiator grille, removing its two mounting fasteners with a wench and detaching it from the fender. You Testament call for to remove other components in succession to arrive the horn.


1.Whether the machine horn in your Dodge Neon is not functioning properly, it is culminating to interchange it. The biggest enigma in installing a machine horn on this example is accessing the horn. It is mounted to a agency bracket near the fender and connected by wires to the steering edge, however the Neon has a compact compartment.

3. Unscrew and remove the two top retaining bolts holding the headlight housing to the frame using the wrench. Disconnect the headlight's electrical connector and remove the housing.

4. Disconnect the electrical connector to the in fashion horn. Remove the unmarried bolt connecting the horn to the cornerstone bracket using the wrench and remove the horn.

5. Connect the new horn to the bracket using the bolt and connect the electrical connector.

6. Reconnect the headlight housing with its electrical connector and retaining bolts. Reconnect the grille with its fasteners and close the hood.