Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Test A Vehicle Battery Having A Voltmeter

You can evaluation a motorcar battery with a voltmeter delightful easily. There are so many types of voltmeters and settings to accurately elucidate, nevertheless you appetite it on "voltage" or "volts" and "DC."2. Allot the battery in your vehicle. Most motorcar batteries are in the engine compartment.

This may not come across you dependable dope approximately the battery, on the other hand it Testament clue in you provided there's a hot potato with the battery or alternator charge to the battery.


1. Adjust the settings on the voltmeter for a automobile battery test.

3. Domicile the claret cutting edge of the voltmeter onto the actual battery terminal (crimson wire) and the

inklike cutting edge of the voltmeter onto the contrary battery terminal (black wire). The voltmeter should read between 12.5-12.8 volts with the engine off. Amperage is what the battery uses to begin the engine, however. So even if the battery is showing the proper voltage, you may still have an internal problem.

4. Start the vehicle, turn on the lights and radio and blower motor. Repeat the test. The voltage should read between 13.5 and 14.5 volts depending on loads and battery size. Anything lower can indicate a problem, but it will still not point directly to the battery or alternator.

5. Disengage the ignition or injection to your vehicle for a more accurate test so it will crank, but the engine will not start. Have someone crank the ignition for no more than 15 seconds with the voltmeter attached to the battery. The reading on the voltmeter should remain at 9.6 volts or higher for the duration for the battery to be good. If it is lower, it's time to replace the battery.